Hazardous locations

  Electric Actuators for Hazardous Locations (FM Version)


SAExC Multiturn Actuator

SGExC Quarterturn Actuator

SAExC LE Linear Actuator

SAExC with AMExC AUMA Matic Controls

SAExC with AUMATIC Controls

SAExC with remote mounted ACExC



AUMA manufactures a complete range of actuators suitable for installation in hazardous locations. Explosionproof actuators are designed in such a way that a flame or spark cannot reach the outside of the actuator enclosure. AUMA explosionproof actuators are available for applications requiring multiturn, quarterturn (part-turn) and linear actuation.

Hazardous location requirements

AUMA offers actuators in accordance with several international standards including ATEX, CSA and FM. The FM version meets the following criteria:

  • Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D
  • Class II / III, Division 1, Groups E, F & G

Multiturn actuators

  • Suitable for requirements up to 103,000 lb thrust / 2960 ft lb torque direct mount and 309,000 lb thrust / 11,800 ft lb torque in multiturn actuator / bevel gear combinations.

Quarterturn actuators

  • Single-phase quarterturn actuators up to 880 ft lb torque
  • Three phase actuators of both the SGExC and SAExC / GS types are capable of 265,000 ft lb torque.

Linear actuators

  • Appropriate for applications requiring up to 48,825 lb thrust at strokes up to 19.6 in.

Broad range of features

  • A wide range of operating speeds and closing times is available.
  • Versions are available for both open/close and modulating service.
  • Enhanced submersion and corrosion protection options are available to deal with unusual or adverse environmental conditions.
  • Double-seal terminal compartment available as an option
  • Actuators with and without integral controls are provided by means of AUMA’s control options - the AUMA Matic and AUMATIC.
  • Ability to interface with a wide range of plant control systems using conventional I/O such as discrete inputs or analog signals in addition to fieldbus communications including PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Modbus and Foundation Fieldbus.
  • Conventional actuators (with limit and torque switches) featuring easy to set end-of-position switches.
  • Non-intrusive actuators with reliable absolute encoders and microprocessor-based AUMATIC controls.
  • Capability to remote-mount controls on a wall bracket enabling actuator controls to be located at a convenient or more environmentally compatible location.
  • Selection of field terminal configurations including AUMA’s preferred plug & socket electrical connection

Summary of AUMA products for hazardous locations – (FM version)

  • SAExC multiturn actuator
  • SAExC / GK multiturn actuator
  • SGExC quarterturn actuator
  • SAExC / GS quarterturn actuator
  • SAExC LE linear actuator

The actuators listed above are available with the following significant options:

  • AMEx AUMA Matic actuator controls
  • AMExC AUMA Matic actuator controls
  • Matic Triple Play actuator controls
  • ACExC AUMATIC actuator controls
  • Remote mounted AMExC or ACExC
  • Double seal
  •  Selection of field terminal configurations including AUMA’s preferred plug & socket electrical connection

Terminal type SE Plug & Socket

Terminal Type KES Compression Terminals with Plug & Socket at Actuator and Double Seal

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