Actuator 3D Models Downloading Procedure


Download the required actuator model.

  1. Actuator with plug-in type terminals (STEP format)
  2. Actuator with screw-type terminals (STEP format)

Output drives 3D models downloading procedure

According to the compatibility chart, download the corresponding output drive assembly and assemble them according to the instructions.

Compatibility Chart

Actuator ModelsOutput Drives
A typeB typeC typeD typeE type
SA/SAR3 - SA/SAR6A3-6B3-6C3-6D3-6E3-6
A3-6 Regulating
SA/SAR12 - SA/SAR15A12-15B12-15C12-15D12-15E12-15
SA/SAR25 - SA/SAR30 - SA/SAR50A25-50B25-50C25-50D25-50E25-50

Assembly procedure of output drives onto actuators:

Assembly procedure of output drives onto actuators

The image shows all the five types of output drives.

  1. The spigot of output drive to be made concentric with actuator bearing flange locating bore.
  2. One of the holes of the output drive to be made concentric to one of the tapped holes on the actuator bearing flange (align hollow drive shaft and output shaft).
  3. The top face of output drive is made to coincide with the bottom of the actuator bearing flange, such that the two surfaces are in contact with each other.

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