Multi-turn actuators


Multi-turn actuators SA, SAR, SAEx, SA(R)(C)Ex, Combination SA...GK/GST

Electric multi-turn actuators by AUMA India are used for the automation of all types of industrial valves and dampers. They are the most versatile products within the AUMA family. Whether for OPEN-CLOSE duty (SA) or for regulating duty (SAR) or for higher torque requirement (SA) or for use in potentially explosive areas (SAEx or SAREx)- a large number of versions are available.

Weather proof actuators

  • Open-close duty actuators (SA3 - SA100) more
  • Regulating duty actuators (SAR3 - SAR100)  more


Explosion proof actuators (SAEx (C)3 - SAEx (C)100, SAREx (C)3 - SAREx (C)100




Explosion-proof multi-turn actuators


High torque actuators SA 25.1 - SA 40.1


To meet all the torque or thrust requirements for valve automation, combinations of the multi-turn actuators SA...with multi-turn gearboxes are used.

Multi-turn actuator combination with bevel gearboxes GK



Multi-turn actuator combination with worm gearboxes GSD


Multi-turn actuator combination with spur gearboxes GST

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