Actuator controls


Epac, Semipact, Wall Mountable controls, AUMA India Master Station (AIMS)

The advantage of the actuator controls is to reduce planning, installation, commissioning time and costs for the end user.
As a result many customers have been convinced by the economic benefits.




Epac is modular in construction and consists of power supply module, relay module and programmable logic control module.


Semipact actuator is a basic actuator with additional features of selector switch and push button station. Motor controls and switchgear are external to the actuator and are in customer's scope. Auma India semipact actuator is available for both isolation and regulating duty services.



Wall mountable controls


AUMA India actuators with integral starter can also be provided with the unique feature of wall bracket mounting, where epac controls are mounted on a wall bracket separately.





AUMA India Master Station (AIMS) is used to integrate actuators into an automation environment. It has a modular design suitable for Open protocols such as MODBUS RTU. It has GUI based interface and can be adapted to most conditions while using an identical interface.

AIMS master station is a significant part of a commissioning support system, network manager, data concentrator or diagnostic tool and can be integrated to any DCS using open industrial protocols.


AUMA India Master Station (AIMS)




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