Electric actuators and valve gearboxes by the leading manufacturers in India

From ball valve to lock gate, whether operated electrically or manually, AUMA offers the right solution.

Multi-turn actuators

SA - OPEN-CLOSE duty actuator with or without Integral Controls

SAR - Regulating duty actuators with or without Integral Controls

SA...Ex -  Explosion Proof actuators


High Torque actuators





Combination SA...... with Bevel gearboxes GK / Worm gearboxes GSD / Spur gearboxes GST




Multi-turn actuators  


Part-turn actuators



Combination SA......with Worm gearboxes GS


Part-turn actuators


Linear actuators


Combination SA......with Linear Thrust Unit (LTU)

Explosion proof version SA...Ex+LTU


Linear actuators

Lever actuators


Combination SA......with Lever gearboxes GF


Lever actuators

Actuator controls



 Wall-mountable Controls


 AUMA India Master Station (AIMS)

Multi-turn gearboxes  Part-turn gearboxes 

   Bevel gearbox (GK)

Bevel gearbox (ABG.2)


  Worm gearbox (GSD) 

Spur gearboxes (GST) 

Worm gearbox (GS)

Foot Mounted Worm gearbox (GF)

Worm gearboxes (GS)
with Limit switch assembly

Multi-turn gearboxesPart-turn gearboxes

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